Birchmeier Backpacks - Key Features

birchmeier backpack heavy duty Birchmeier's stainless steel base & heavy duty, uv-stabilized, impact resistant plastic tank provide many years of service. 
birchmeier pump maintenance Because the Birchmeier pump mechanism is located on the back of the sprayer, pump maintenance is much easier than on other backpack sprayers.
birchmeier grease reservoir Birchmeier grease reservoir makes it easy to keep the backpack well lubricated.  This in turn extends sprayer life.  Birchmeier grease is available on the parts page of this website.
birchmeier brass spray valve Birchmeier heavy duty brass spray valve is completely rebuildable.  The best backpack spray valve available - Period.
birchmeier pump handle Heavy duty steel pump handle.  This is professional grade.
birchmeier brass spray tip Birchmeiers brass spray tip adjusts from cone to stream.  A variety of other tips are also available.  See parts page.
birchmeier lid strainer filter Birchmeier dual strainer system is unique in industry.  There is a filter in the tank lid and a filter in the spray valve (below).  Checking & cleaning your filter will reduce problems & downtime.
birchmeier spray valve filter Filter in the spray valve prevents problems like tip clogs.  For more on preventing sprayer problems, visit
birchmeier backpack strap removable Birchmeier removable strap hooks onto bottom of stainless steel frame.  This makes putting the backpack on & off much easier.  Less struggling with backpack improves operator safety.
birchmeier backpack change strap


Heavy duty plastic strap lock (also known as fixing key) makes replacing straps a breeze.



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